Taylor Hill is the Face of MARLI’s New LIFE Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   10-04-2023

MARLI New York has revealed its new LIFE jewellery collection featuring Taylor Hill as the face of the campaign.


This 18-carat gold fine jewellery collection comprises four pieces that amplify the dualities that exist within Life itself while the design invited a playful interaction from the wearer.



A row of MARLI New York’s signature pyramid-shaped gemstones—representing LIFE’s major elements—appears as a ring and hinge bracelet, available in 18K rose gold and white gold. From the harmony of green agate to the playfulness of pink opal, the gemstone pieces cultivate contrasts with twin rows of shimmering pavé and paved inner bands.



Because diamonds embody purity and wholeness, a ring and hinge bracelet with diamonds only are available in 18K rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.



“In New York, everything moves so fast. That is, until 2020. It was a moment to pause and reflect on what really matters,” says Founder & CEO of MARLI New York Maral Artinian, who created the collection during a time of global sorrow. “At the heart of the LIFE collection is this notion that there are many ways of moving forward, even when all stands still.”



For the LIFE campaign, internationally renowned model Taylor Hill has been brought on as the face of the new designs. An expression of the LIFE force that propels us forward and fills up with purpose, excitement and anticipation, the campaign invites us to unlock LIFE’s wonders.


For more information, please visit MARLI New York’s worldwide showrooms or online at marlinewyork.com.