The Fine Jewellery Collections That Are Perfect For Spring

Lindsay Judge   |   10-05-2024

These jewellery pieces are perfect for the new season.


GRAFFs Tildas Bow collection represents unconditional love and family bonds inspired by Laurence Graffs bond with his granddaughter. The collection features elegant bows decorating pendants, bracelets and earrings, mimicking the moment a silk ribbon is tied. Every piece has been designed and crafted to be loved, worn and treasured today and also to be passed down the generations, making it the perfect gift. Every loop in the designs is brought to life in pavé diamonds, which form a shimmering surface of stones, as well as round, custom-cut, and emerald-cut diamonds set by Graffs master artisans to dance with fire and brilliance. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, brooches and watches within the collection are designed to complement yet not perfectly match one another. For this reason, every jewellery piece is subtly different, featuring individually designed bows which are beautifully unique. 


What better way to say I Love Youthan with elegant hearth-themed jewellery? The Happy Hears and My Happy Hearts collections by Chopard have newly updated iterations for 2024, making them the perfect Valentines gift. The Happy Hearts collection features a new design with a pink opal heart, as well as malachite, white or Tahitian mother-of-pearl, onyx, carnelian, and sparkling diamonds. The new pink opal pendant features ethical 18-carat rose gold and has a symbolic meaning thanks to the stones’ connection to the Peruvian Andes, where it is believed to have soothing properties on emotional wounds. 

Additionally the My Happy Hearts collection features a constellation of delicate hearts in ethical 18-carat rose gold and pink opal, to be worn alone or stacked as stylish accessories. Featuring an ethical 18-carat rose gold set with pink opal; these new models add a necklace and a pair of earrings to the collection.


Buccellati recently revealed a special new pendant as part of its Opera line for the occasion of Valentines Day. This elegant pendant is inspired by the Renaissance period, with a symmetry in the flower that is its symbol and recurring motif. This delicate pendant is centrally decorated with a small pavé of diamonds. 


The new design also complements the brands Hawaii collection, inspired by the welcome garland gifted to visitors arriving in Hawaii. A cascade of tiny gold circles, handcrafted with the twisted thread technique, plays with light and movement. The circles have a diameter of 0.6 mm and are composed of two gold wires, twisted and patiently hand-soldered one by one, creating a movable mesh. These light yet modern pieces are great for both every day and evening wear.  


Boucherons Quatre Double White Edition reinterprets the classic codes of the maison and the iconic Quatre line in an all-white design. Key pieces such as the Grosgrain and Double Godron rings are sculpted in white gold, while the Clou de Paris in pristine Hyceram sits alongside the line of diamonds.

Rings, hoop earrings, necklaces and, the collection’s flagship piece, a daring piece of hair jewellery, Quatre Double White Edition combines monochrome strength with style. These bold pieces will make the perfect gift for a strong and fearless woman. 


Piagets is unveiling a new version of its signature technique, bringing new life to the Possession Palace Décor collection in the form of a new bangle which pays homage to the brands savoir-faire and daring personality. The collection which also features rings and pendants, brings gold craftsmanship to the forefront of the designs, while a single diamond is set at the centre of the pieces.

These pieces, which represent love and commitment, can be worn in a number of different ways and can be stacked together. Created in rose gold or white gold, in different sizes and settings, the collection puts the beauty of craftsmanship and elegant materials at the heart of jewellery design. 


Pomellato celebrates the beauty of love with its new Pomellato Together collection, which features smooth sculptural shapes and a modern design. Featuring diamond details, these feminine pieces feature two ellipses held together by a link, symbolising the power of unity and the strength of togetherness. Two new circular pendants feature diamond-set gold links. One of the links allows the chain to slide along the space between the two rings: a tactile reminder of loves freedom and cheerfulness. The more precious version of the two is set with a full diamond pavé.

The new single-band rings in white or rose gold are entirely set with diamonds with a contrasting plain gold link, and a set of hoop earrings gently caress the ear lobe as delicately as a lovers touch. A single, outsized ear cuff offers a defiantly modern take on the love token. A bracelet in plain gold and rings, either in plain gold or with a touch of diamonds on the link, offer a reassuring presence and a constant reminder of your unwavering support. The rings are a new variant of the iconic design of this collection: true to the houses pioneering spirit, they are easy to wear and stackable.