Valérie Messika Celebrates Ramadan

Lindsay Judge   |   09-04-2022

Messika Jewellery is celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with a unique gathering. In a new campaign, Valérie Messika is joined by friends to honour exclusive pieces from the brand’s collections.


“I feel a special connection to this region, which comes straight from the heart. I love the combination of gentleness and strength that emanates from Middle Eastern women. For me, it’s a perfect balance and their different facets, like a diamond, are sources of inspiration.” Said Valérie Messika.



The regional campaign features successful women from the region including singer Almas, designer Alftoon Al Janahi, Chef, Sama Jaad, and actress Mila Al Zahrani.



Each of the ladies is wearing their chosen pieces from the brand’s collections as they celebrate the spirit of this month. Shop the collections now online and at Messika stores around the region.