Repossi Unveils the Chromatic Sapphires Collection

Fiona Lee   |   21-06-2022

Jewellery brand Repossi reveals its latest collection of Chromatic Sapphires, which celebrates Gaia Repossi’s 15th Anniversary as Artistic Director.


For 65 years and 3 generations, Repossi has continued to provide delicate jewellery pieces that have demonstrated its savoir-faire and avant-gardism. In this next milestone for the brand, as the Artistic Director of the Maison Gaia Repossi celebrates her 15th Anniversary, the brand unveils a new collection in a meaningful statement of the special year.


One of Repossi’s treasured values is the commitment to sustainability and supporting the communities that provide the materials for its designs. When Gaia Repossi, granddaughter of the founder, was first introduced to the Moyo Gems Organization, it was an immediate decision to support the women who serve this community and create designs around these gems.



Moyo Gems is a responsible miner-to-market gemstone collaboration, that works with the Tanzanian Women Miners Association to discover natural gemstones in the Umba Valley in East Africa. It supports the local communities in tracking the stones and ensuring that they are sourced ethically and that there is a safe working environment.


Repossi have chosen a collection of 31 unheated Umba sapphires for this collection that are able to change colours depending on the light exposition. The sapphires are enhanced to bring out the colours from within, ranging from pinks and purples, to reds and greens. Each gemstone is carefully placed within the design to give an illusion of a floating effect around the finger or ear.



The collection offers 15 unique limited-edition pieces in the Maisons’s iconic chromatic pink, white and black gold.



This collection will be available from the Repossi store, located at the Dubai Mall.