A New Watch Celebrates the Era of Cryptocurrency

Lindsay Judge   |   30-08-2022

The annual Geneva Watch Days event kicked off this week with many watch Maisons showcasing their latest designs in the heart of Switzerland.


Jacob & Co. has introduced a ground-breaking, high complication timepiece, Astronomia Solar Bitcoin. A tribute to the era of cryptocurrency this unusual design features Bitcoin-related features within its vertical and rotating manufacture movement.



The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is housed in a 44 mm, black DLC titanium case, and features a Jacob-cut diamond, a Jacob-cut orange citrine and a rotating Earth,



The black DLC titanium Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is interspersed with details and features that are directly linked to the Bitcoin universe A Bitcoin currency logo. A flying tourbillon. A yellow citrine sun, a diamond moon and a golden Earth. A miniature rocketship to reach for the moon. All these symbols tell the story of the advent of the first cryptocurrency.



The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin’s 44-mm wide case is crafted out of titanium which has gone through DLC processing. Diamond-like Carbon allows the crystallization of carbon atoms on a metallic surface, embedding in it a layer that is as black as pure coal, and as hard as diamond. As a result, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is dark and light, all the more so as the Astronomia case features wide lateral openings in the case band, allowing a 360° view on a high-end, complicated movement, developed and manufactured exclusively for Jacob&Co.



Twenty-five of these watches will be made and can be paid for in cryptocurrency. Regardless of where the sale ultimately takes place, payment will be available in the crypto of the buyer’s choosing, Bitcoin or altcoin, at the going rate on the day of the transaction. The purchase will be handled by leading payment processing platform Bitpay, which carries Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and no less than 5 USD-pegged stablecoins.