Bell & Ross Launches a New Highly Reliable Diving Watch

Lindsay Judge   |   29-05-2022

Bell & Ross has launched a new diving watch, specifically designed for cold and icy waters and equipped with the latest in innovation and technology.


The new BR 03-92 Diver White is a bold white timepiece that’s immaculate in design and equipped to withstand the most extreme elements.



In 1997 Bell & Ross designed its first diving watch the HYDROMAX®. This rounded case watch was waterproof up to 11,100m which at the time was a new record. In 2007 a new diving watch joined the collection, this time housed in the barrel-shaped BR 02 case, and in 2017 the original Diver was launched with its squared case.



This year the BR 03-92 Diver White joins the athletic line. It features a steel case and white dial and comes with two strap options. It borrows the iconic rounded square case from the BR 01, making it an unusual design for an underwater watch. The case has been reinforced to withstand the underwater world, while the crown is screwed down to withstand the pressure of deep seas, and has a rubber insert for better sealing. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal on this diving watch is very thick, and the back is reinforced. The timepiece is delivered in the brand’s famous indestructible waterproof Pelican Box.



The white dial is inspired by icy oceans. This bright unmissable tone is a rare shade from the brand whose dials usually appear in darker tones. This particular white is an opalescent silver in subtle tones, and the dial’s matte surface has been metallised, creating iridescent reflections across the piece. “The refined finish gives the watch a sense of nobility. It reflects our top-of-the-range quality and finesse of the work,” said Bruno Belamich, Creative Director and co-founder of Bell & Ross.


The watch was created through a combined effort of watchmakers and expert divers. The specialists in their field joined forward to meet the requirements of expert divers, particularly those who dive in ice waters where time becomes a vital dimension and the watch also becomes a safety tool.



The BR 03-92 Diver White’s self-winding BR-CAL 302 calibre can withstand very low temperatures. Waterproof and robust, this watch meets the demanding specifications of the Swiss diving watch, complying with the ISO 6425 standard. The case is waterproof up to depths of 300m and the unidirectional rotating bezel is graduated over 60 minutes, with a luminescent dot at 12 o’clock.


What’s more, the metal hands and indices are coated with a photo-luminescent Super-LumiNova® coating, allowing them to glow in the dark and ensure that readability remains optimal, including deep underwater, where you otherwise might not be able to see your hand in front of your face.



The BR 03-92 Diver White is now available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons stores across the UAE.