A&E Guide To Plant Beauty

Eliza Scarborough   |   08 - 02 - 2018


A scientific approach to harnessing the power of plants has brought a new generation of effective beauty products.


We often turn to science to solve our skin and hair care dilemmas, but now a growing bounty of herb and spice ingredients also offer high-tech solutions. These are the latest weapons in the fight for clearer, smoother skin, and contain powerful anti-oxidants that can help moisturise, brighten, combat acne, and defy signs of aging.


So, what makes this new generation of spice and herb beauty products so effective? Well they offer the best of both worlds, science and nature. Yes, they are plant-derived ingredients, but often they have been ‘tweaked’ in the lab so that your skin gets just the best bits. The secret lies in the fact that scientists have identified the active components, and got rid of the rest, resulting in a product harbouring the finest extracts of these natural herbal helpers.



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