How To Apply Makeup With Your Hands

Diana Bell-Heather   |   16 - 11 - 2017

apply makeup hands beauty tip


For all the brushes and sponges in the world, the greatest makeup application tool are your hands.


Palms warm foundation helping it blend into the skin flawlessly, while your fingers are ideal for precise application of concealer and lipstick. Follow our step by step guide to master the skills at your fingertips.


Step 1

Wash your hands before applying anything on your face.


Step 2

Approach foundation like a face cream by warming it in your hands first. This helps it glide on more evenly making it part of the skin. You can also add a serum into the mix for added boost of goodness. Use the finger tips to blend the concealer on dark circles and blemishes.


Step 3

You can use blusher or lipstick on your cheeks, just add a little bit on the thump (it’s exactly the same size as the cheek area you want to cover) tap it on and gently blend in a Nike tick shape.


Step 4

Use the cushion part of your palm heel to add bronzer and highlighter. Do it gradually for the most natural finish and start with a creamy bronzer just under the cheek area, working your way up the side of the face to the forehead in letter C shape. Follow the same shape with the highlighter, but begin above the cheeks and go up to the top of the brow line.


Step 5

With your index finger you can apply the base eyeshadow shade and then use the middle finger on the outer corner for the smoky effect. The pinky finger is best for any highlighting on the inner corner of the eye.


Step 6

We love the more laid back lip look this season so take your ring finger and apply lip colour from the center of your lips out towards the lip line. It works with any texture, just make sure you blur the edges for that chic casual finish.


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