Morning Coffee With Mandy McMechan, Founder of Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs

Hayley Kadrou   |   21-03-2019

Florist and business owner Mandy McMechan chats through her passion for flowers and what she loves about romance through her work.


Mandy McMechan realised that a career in floristry was her destiny when, after 11 hours of straight work, she was still happy, captivated and eager to carry on.


And after opening Plaisir Cadeaux et Fleurs in Dubai, she only wants to expand on her unique, luxe floristry business.


But talking to Mandy over Morning Coffee, she revealed the struggles in the industry right now, what working with flowers has taught her about love and romance, and how her daughters inspire her every day.



Watch the full interview with Mandy above, and find out what we learned chatting with her below.

Five Things We Learned Talking To Mandy McMechan Over Morning Coffee


Mandy McMechan has a very unique style at Plaisir Flowers

Mandy McMechan has a very unique style at Plaisir Flowers


Remember to be grateful


As part of Mandy’s morning routine, she writes in her gratitude journal for five minutes a day, which was a gift from her eldest daughter. She said: “We often forget how lucky we are. It takes a few minutes to write down what we’re grateful for, and it’s a nice way to start the day.”


What flowers can teach us about romance


“I have clients that come in with the most expensive gifts – jewellery, a Chanel bag – but they still want to add flowers… It’s romantic to put their own touch, their own colours, their own choices.”


She learns from her daughters every day 


When asked who inspires her the most, Mandy reveals that lots of people inspire her, but in particular in daughters. The businesswoman said: “My two daughters, they inspire daily because of the kind of people they’ve become, the kind of women they’ve become. I’m learning from them, which is a cliché but it’s true.”


Valuing your team is key 


When asked her professional motto, Mandy said: “Be good to your team because your team is everything.”


Don’t wait for the right time


What would the boutique owner have told her younger self? To start earlier. She said: “Don’t wait for the right time, it’s never the right time.”


The shop from for Plaisir. Credit: Instagram/plaisir_cadeaux

The shop front for Plaisir. Credit: Instagram/plaisir_cadeaux


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