10 Questions with… Celebrity Hairstylist Mario Charalambous

Diana Bell-Heather   |   06-05-2018


The  famed hair salon Richard Ward has an impressive client list of Britain’s best-known celebrities and members of the royal family. Key to the salon’s success is Mario Charalambous, the technical director who will be bringing his expert cutting and colouring techniques to the award-winning Pastels Salon’s Ritz Carlton Dubai on May 12  and May 15. Here, we chat to him about the best ways to look after your hair in the heat.


What hair trends do you see emerging this season?

Long hair is still very soft and dishevelled which I love and short is just as subjective and playful.


What is the best way to protect our hair form sun damage?

The key elements is the word “SUN” so be sure to safeguard your hair with a UV protecting shampoo and conditioner and use a UV sun screen when wet or dry. During the summer your hair is exposed more than usual to the UV light, salt and chlorinated water and mechanical aggressions. Kerastase has a fantastic range called SOLEIL to provide sublime hair protection under the sun. It’s important to have that sun screen for your hair too.



Humidity is not our friend. What products should we use?

KERASTASE DISCIPLINE: It is a  haircare range designed specifically for frizzy and unruly curly hair. If you are looking for a hair treatment, then visit Pastels Salon and have the very best in keratin treatments from KeraStraight. Thanks to this miracle treatment, it can be as humid as possible and your hair will always look perfect.


Take us through an easy up-do we can do at home?

Put your parting in and leave this side out.

Ponytail the rest then wrap the left out hair around the ponytail and secure with a few grips. This is perfect for a quick up-do after work.  Nothing is chicer than a ponytail, but the key is to wrap the hair round the band.

Just take a bit of hair once you have ponytailed it and spray it with hairspray until it is wet, then wrap it round the band and secure with a grip.


What is the secret to long healthy hair?

Unfortunately not what you want to hear but frequent haircuts, at least every 6-8 weeks, it keeps the split ends at bay.


What can we do to restore our hair back to health after overdoing it with straighteners and curlers?

Hydrate, Hydrate and more Hydration. But girls it’s so easy, just use a heat protecting balm before you blow dry, this will stop the damage from happening.


What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to hair care?

Have it prescribed and don’t pick it off the shelf yourself. If it’s prescribed to you use it, then go back to your stylist and be reassessed. They’ll then give you something to maintain what the first prescription did.

Mario Charalambous L’Oreal campaign with Poppy Delevingne.



If you were to style Meghan Markle for her big day, what would you do?

She’s beautiful so you’d have to be pretty rubbish to mess it up, but practice, practice, practice.


Who is your hair muse?

It would have to be Vidal Sassoon for his architectural approach and his shear tenacity.


If you could give us one piece of advice, what would it be?

Listen to the experts and always take any ideas with you to show them. Always let them know your dislikes. If we steer away from these then everyone’s happy.


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