4 Natural Beauty Brands to Love

Lindsay Judge   |   17-05-2022

Over the past few years, there has been a strong shift in direction back to nature when it comes to our beauty products. We are all looking for ingredients that are kinder and less toxic to our skin and, quite rightly so, natural ingredients seem to have the magic answer. Not only can they be better for our complexion compared with man synthetic ingredients, but using products with natural ingredients is better for the planet too. We discover some of the latest brands to try.





In 2008, Indie Lee was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour that doctors felt could be environmentally derived and attributed to something as simple as what she was putting on her skin. After learning that up to 60% of what we use on our skin may be absorbed in as little as 26 seconds, Indie had an awakening. She embarked upon a wellness journey to create a clean beauty collection dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to be mindful about what they put on their skin as well as into their body. Sourcing the world’s finest ingredients and formulating them with the help of leading, like-minded chemists, Indie Lee & Co. intrinsically blends nature and science to bring the most efficacious products to market without sacrificing safety. The brand’s mission to provide healthier skincare options is embodied through its undertaking of rigorous testing protocols to ensure clean, high-performance products. Indie is committed to creating change and building community in the clean lifestyle and wellness categories. Indie Lee is available at Ounass, Faces and other retailers across the region.





Pioneered by Dr Nader Sheasha, a pharmacist specialising in herbal medicine, IXORA will free your skin from all harmful chemicals with its all-natural formulas. Using a combination of modern science and results-driven formulas, IXORA’s ranges include products that will simplify the skincare routine, help you to feel healthier and leave your skin feeling smoother as the ingredients penetrate at the deepest levels. The latest Organic Detox range comprises four key products; Cleansing Gel, Facer Toner Rejuvenating Peeling Gel and Purifying & Balancing Clay Face Mask, which offer four steps to healthier smoother looking skin. IXORA currently has branches in Dubai Festival City Mall and The Dubai Mall.


3. Fable & Mane



Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic beauty Fable & Mane has just launched across the Middle East. Born from traditional Indian beauty rituals, the brand’s products contain potent Ayurvedic adaptogens and wildcrafted holistic plant roots which thicken your hair, awaken your roots and promote a healthy scalp. Founded by siblings Akash and Nikita Mehta, Fable & Mane pays homage to the traditions that strengthened familial bonds during their youth. Their grandmother would massage a blend of oils into their scalps to promote hair growth, but also to offer an opportunity to bond and share stories and fables. The brand is fuelled by a desire to bring these calming rituals of massage and meditation into everyday beauty routines. Clean and natural formulas that are vegan and silicone-free were developed, promising the world beautiful, strong and healthy hair that Indian women are famed The products are designed to transform your regular hair wash routine into a weekly ritual offering a sensorial experience. Now available at Sephora stores across the region.


4. Davines


Eco-friendly haircare company Davines aims to transform the hair industry thanks to its commitment to sustainable products that do not compromise on performance. The Company was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family, as a research laboratory specialised in the production of high tips hair and skincare products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. In 1993 Davines was created to identify hair cosmetic products dedicated to the market of professional hairdressing with design, formulation and productions entirely performed by its in-house laboratories. Today Davines offers a range of products for men and women that go back to basics, providing reliable and safe solutions to everyday hair problems. The product formulations privilege the use of ingredients of natural origin, they are produced using energy from renewable sources and packaged minimising their environmental impact. The latest product OI Liquid Luster is a treatment with a water-like liquid texture that in just a few seconds moisturises the hair making it so shiny and soft. Now available at www.eideal.com  


5. Olivanna



British skincare brand Olivanna was created by Janine Summers, who was an early adopter of clean beauty. Inspired by her daughter and the desire as a mother to have only the cleanest and best products for her children, Janine decided to create a range of products that are scientifically formulated but offer gentle formulas that can be used by girls and women of all ages. This female-founded brand is anchored in formulating sustainably-sourced, clinically-proven products, using natural ingredients that are beautifully formulated and packaged. Ingredients are sourced from the British countryside around Janine’s home and include homegrown plant and seed oil extracts. The glass bottles are handcrafted by one of the last remaining family-owned glass specialists in England. The current ranges offers products for both day and night that work together to help your skin get back its youthful glow. Available at www.olivanna.com