Acqua Di Parma Launches Programme For the Future

Lindsay Judge   |   23-07-2020

Italian luxury fragrance house Acqua Di Parma has introduced Acqua Di Parma Futura; a programme designed to preserve nature, culture and art for generations to come.


The programme has been developed in line with the LVMH LIFE initiative and will focus on bringing together the initiatives and commitments of the company with a plan designed to maximise its positive impact on the environment and society.


This century-old brand has long been concerned with the social and environmental impact of its business and this new initiative will help the company further develop this in a positive way.


Laura Burdese, CEO and President of Acqua di Parma said: “Today more than ever before, we are aware that our success in keeping alive everything we love about Italy – nature, culture and art – is conditional on our capability to celebrate it and preserve it for generations to come”.



The plan is also a more affirmative step in a long-term journey laid out by the Maison within the framework of the LVMH Life Program. A strategic and systemic move for Acqua di Parma, motivated by a deeper understanding of the essential responsibility that comes with its purpose.



When it comes to the products themselves, the Maison has undertaken important steps forward, challenging itself to use less and better materials by design and consider the full lifespan of the products. This includes the introduction of a screw pump for Colonia Pura which makes it easier to separate into its single components for recyclability. The brand has also introduced 100% recycled plastic for the company’s new Hotel Line.


Acqua di Parma boutique Milan


The supply chain has also been taken into account as the House works closely with its suppliers, to ensure traditional artisanal methods are both preserved and innovated to comply with a renewed set of expectations along traceable value chains. To-date, 40% of first-line suppliers have been audited with the plan to reach 60% of them by 2020.



The brand is also working to reduce its carbon footprint through a number of methods from the way the products are manufactured, processed and delivered – bike deliveries are now available in the City of Milan – all the way to the management of key Processes.



All boutiques will be redesigned to consume less LED lighting systems. Some stores are already being provided with functional energy counters – a tool used to measure the energy consumption of each boutique, encouraging the teams to use less resources.



The programme is also designed to create initiatives that give. Raising awareness of key health issues and donating to key charitable causes. In addition, some educational activities to invest in the Italian savoir-faire, such as the Diadema Academy to train a new generation of barbers, or the support to the PHD of Università Mediterranea – Faculty of Agriculture.



“The Acqua di Parma Futura program is the natural expression of a purpose we have been dedicated to since 1916, but which we have been humbly inspired to evolve also to embrace the challenging age we live in. It is the contemporary manifestation by Acqua di Parma of what makes the all-Italian lifestyle so vibrant – setting a path and a promise for its future preservation”. Said Laura Burdese.