Our Top Backstage Beauty Looks From Cruise 2018

Eliza Scarborough   |   09-11-2017

From the colours of the Californian desert, to pearl brows and ink-dipped fingers at Gucci, the resort collections were full of divine beauty inspiration.


These collections always tend to be more glamorous and exotic to match their far-flung destinations, and this season the hair and makeup teams didn’t disappoint. Read on to discover the anatomy of our favourite looks, with some top tips for recreating them at home.




Chanel’s makeup employed the dramatic use of yet another cat eye, only this time, it felt simpler and less austere. The next-level cat-eye was created by Tom Pecheux, who used Ligne Graphique de Chanel liquid eyeliner to outline models’ lower lash lines. The stroke of onyx liquid began at the inner corner of the eyes and extended way past the temples, for a Cleopatra-esque effect. Sam McKnight created a variety of hair looks, those with shorter cuts had it styled down and rumpled, while longer hair was pulled back into a half-up ponytail then braided. He then added an accessory, such as a crown-like headband or flower pin on each head, and secured a silky black ribbon along the back and let it hang loose and low.



Drawing inspiration from the rich, earthy tones of the Californian desert, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, Peter Philips, swept colours from the Dior 5 Couleurs palette in Inflame 767 across the models’ lids, to suit the rustic concept of the show. A similar red flush was applied to the cheeks for a sun kissed appearance, and the lips were given a polished-looking sheen. Hair was pulled back and braided, starting at the shoulders-down, then tied with a black ribbon and a bandana across the forehead, before being topped with one of the turquoise-adorned hats.



With looks that were inspired by the extravagance of the location and ornate accessories suited for the Renaissance, models walked dripping in pearls, woven through their hair and even fashioned into a helmet, dip-dyed fingertips in lieu of manicures, and bleached eyebrows. Makeup maestro Yadim echoed the concept of ‘less is more’ with clear, clean, satiny skin, delicately blushed cheeks, lightly glossy eyelids, and slightly tinted nudey-pink lips.



Influenced by emblematic elements of Japanese culture, the iconic Japanese samurai, the artistry of kabuki makeup and kabuki masks, Pat McGrath left subtlety at the door, taking graphic liner and brows to a whole new level with ombré feline-flicked liner reaching the temples, and bold, samurai-inspired arched brows that brilliantly captured the essence of the Japanese aesthetics. Vivid pigments were also airbrushed across the cheekbones, edged in contrasting tones, while hair was generally worn mussed, tossed, and romantic.



The beauty look at Prada felt like a 2017 take on the 1920s. The pressed-in crimson lip colour was perfected by Pat McGrath, to polish off the sleek shapes and sheer pastels on the runway. Dewy, ethereal skin, brushed up brows, and two coats of mascara applied to the top lashes only, completed the look. But let’s not forget about the hair, a pair of tautly woven braids were left to hang over shoulders or down backs, some accented with feathered headbands, and all with whispy strands around the face.



Striking a perfect intersection between hip-hop, athleisure, and romance, Pat McGrath created a dramatic, exaggerated wing at Maison Valentino using her Black Smudgeliner Eye Kohl from her most recent makeup launch. A radiant, lustrous complexion was in order to let the eyes do all the talking, while brows were lightly defined to give the face more structure and proportion. The look was completed by lightly enhancing the natural hue of the lips with a subtle pink undertone lip colour.


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