Cartier Declaration: The New Parfum For Men

Dana Mortada   |   03-04-2018

A descendant of the Eau de Toilette, Cartier Declaration Parfum is launched twenty years since its original that was created in 1998 by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena.



Today, Expert Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent proposes a new sensation with the fragrance of the same name. Also, encased in a similar Declaration sophisticated style bottle where the shape is more masculine and modern, which highlights the scent’s elegance and intensity.


This striking yet modern fragrance became a signature scent for many. The new cult Parfum welcomes a whole new olfactory level, where Mathilde Laurent drew the essence from the original fragrance and simply intensified its classic sensual accords.



The emotional amber coloured fragrance contains cedar, leather and oriental notes; which also features deeper and more intense accents of a woody and fresh spicy trail enhanced by balsamic accords.



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