A&E Guide: Evening Fragrance For Men

Dana Mortada   |   19-12-2017

Dolce & Gabbana

Tom Ford Beauty

Hugo Boss





Ermenegildo Zegna

Emporio Armani

Bulgari Man

The finishing touch, an important factor that brings all the elements together and reflects your personality. There is a lot resting on choosing the right evening fragrance, but here at A&E we make this job that little bit easier with our edit of the best scents.


An instant confidence boost, knowing that you look good and smell even better is a formula for a good night, especially during the busy festive period. Try something a little bolder with than the one you wear to the office on a weekday, but that doesn’t just mean reaching for the heaviest oud you can find. Sample a few before deciding on the right balance for you and wear it a few times to gage people’s reaction before committing.


We have selected our favourite evening fragrance above, it’s now up to you to choose.



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