La DoubleJ Reveals An Extraordinary Exhibit At Salone Del Mobile 2024

Emma Hodgson   |   20-04-2024

As part of the ongoing Salone del Mobile festivities in Milan, Italian-American luxury house La DoubleJ has revealed its brand-new collection “Solar” amid a striking retrospective of the brand’s entire homeware universe. 

To amplify this extraordinary exhibition – the brand’s most significant to date – La DoubleJ has solicited the wild, imaginative eye of viral artist, filmmaker, and creative director, Max Siedentopf to create a one-of-a kind “Dancing Plates” installation, a machinated masterpiece of our high vibration homeware and his unique vision.

The “Dancing Plates” installation

Inspired by Eames’ ground-breaking “Solar Do Nothing” machine from 1957 – one of the first devices to convert solar energy into electricity – Max’s “Dancing Plates” plates installation uses 16 machines spinning in sync upon which are balanced over 50 pieces from the new Solar Collection. The moving, spinning, revolving shapes used in the original artwork are referenced here in Max’s machine, a joyful, gyrating ode to that iconically Italian passion for gathering loved ones around a table. 

Surrounding this central art piece swirls La DoubleJ’s full constellation of homeware, with each wall serving as a canvas for the collections created over the past seven years. A giant solar mural in the central space houses the properties of the Divine Masculine, an energetic applicable to all genders rooted in the properties of power, visibility, confidence, boldness, forward motion, and protection. Visitors moving through the gallery are invited to contemplate how they can invite these properties inward, how they can be bolder, more brilliant, more assertive, and release that which no longer serves them. As with all of the brand’s endeavours, this experience is a manifestation of La DoubleJ’s mission to wrap the world in joy and create a space for its community to access a higher plane of consciousness, connection and creativity.

The Solar homeware collection

Inspired by the illuminating energy of the big bright star in our backyard – the sun –  and by the unique properties it possesses, the “Solar” collection is La DoubleJ’s most complete homeware line to date. Featuring 36 pieces of porcelains with gold accents, hand-blown Murano glassware and Como-printed linens, each item is a celebration of traditional Italian craft delivered in vibrant, intended to elevate your entertaining state.

Delivered in an enveloping palette of warm terracotta, eggy yellow, and deep indigo, the collection features more serving platters than ever before, a reflection of the intention behind its design – to be shared amongst loved ones in moments of celebration and connection.