The Co-Creative Directors Of Georges Hobeika Discuss The Future Of The Brand

Lindsay Judge   |   30-04-2024

In 2022, Lebanese couture brand Georges Hobeika began a new chapter as the founder and designer Georges Hobeika welcomed his son Jad to the namesake brand as Co-creative Director.

The duo have since worked together to perfect the brands positioning and work towards planning its future direction. Over the past two years, there has been a fresh, perhaps more youthful feel to the brand, which was first born in 1995. Jads younger generational influence had brought new life to the brand. When combined with his fathers experience and skilled craftsmanship expertise, it was always going to be a winning combination! Now, as the brand gets ready to present its next Haute Couture collection later this summer, we talk to both Co-Creative Directors to find out how the journey has been going so far and what we can expect on the horizon. 

Georges Hobeika 

The last time we spoke you had just embarked on this new chapter of the brand together – how is it going?

This new phase is incredibly exciting. It’s amazing to feel the strong support of your own child — it’s like having an unstoppable force propelling you forward. We both motivate each other to drive the brand forward and show everyone what it’s truly capable of. Our collaboration brings a special energy full of passion, commitment, and fresh ideas.

What has changed within the company since Jad joined as Co-Creative Director?

Working together, we elevated the couture collections to new heights in terms of creativity, techniques, and execution, each show telling a captivating story to the world. In parallel, there has been a notable increase in our dedication to enhancing the appeal of the Ready-to-Wear line, resonating with both consumers and retailers.

Furthermore, Jad has definitely made me more determined to propel the company’s growth forward and embark on a journey of restructuring to attain an international calibre.

Can you share a little about the brand here in the Middle East and why it is an important market for you? 

Its of significant importance. The Middle East is a region known for its appreciation of luxury fashion and an opulent lifestyle, making it a natural fit for our brand, which epitomises elegance and sophistication. The discerning tastes of consumers in this region align closely with the values and the aesthetic of our brand, creating a strong affinity and demand for our products.

What can you tell us about your ready-to-wear collections?

The ready-to-wear collections are now characterised by their freshness, vibrancy, and modernity. They are designed to cater to the diverse needs of consumers from various walks of life. With a wide range of cuts and styles, the collections resonate with individuals across different demographics, including university students, working women, mothers, influencers, and celebrities.

Whats the biggest challenge you face as a brand today?

Continuously striving to raise the bar and achieve new heights with each subsequent collection. This relentless pursuit demands unwavering dedication, creativity, and attention to detail. It involves surpassing our own previous standards, constantly innovating, and refining our craftsmanship to deliver exceptional designs.

As a brand you have always remained very loyal to your values and heritage – how do you balance this with moving forward to please todays customer? 

We consistently strive to infuse the brand’s rich heritage with a modern twist, seeking to blend contemporary elements seamlessly with tradition. Our goal is to leverage innovative technologies and new techniques in our creations to elevate the customer experience. Additionally, we reintroduce pieces from our archives with a renewed spirit and fresh perspective to resonate with today’s audience.

Jad Hobeika 

Tell us about the SS24 Haute Couture collection – the inspiration, some of the highlight pieces etc. 

Couture SS24 came from the heart. Its really to remember the times when our world was safe, beautiful, and full of joy, music, art, and love. Its to remember that our culture is so precious that revisiting it once is not enough. We should be so proud of it, and really look back at ourselves, and rethink the way we look at the product of today.

Going back to the songs of the masters of music, and the beautiful Arabian evenings and melodies that make our souls smile, to our traditions and everyday life that is unlike any other. The beautiful mornings with our parents, the evenings with our friends and family, it really coming from the feelings I think every Arab shares, and what makes us full of life.

What is the current vision and direction for Georges Hobeika today? 

The vision is to continue delivering great products and new experiences for our customers, as well as expanding into new horizons

What would you still like to achieve with the brand that you havent done yet?

There are many projects on my mind that I would love to invest my time in, and most of them would fit beautifully with the story that we are writing.

Who is the woman you are designing for today and what does she want from fashion?

I design dresses for women with style, who understand their own personal style and identity. She wants to create a beautiful wardrobe of special and timeless pieces.

Can you tell us about the menswear line?

Our menswear line evolves every season, and we are very proud of it. Its reaching a new dynamic and representing the Goerges Hobeika man. This line has a lot of potential for the future of the brand. Its becoming part of the brand identity and our universe. We cant wait for a mens show.

What else is in the pipeline for this year?

We are attracting more retailers. Were developing our marketing strategy. Were working on the brands image so any piece can be identified as a Georges Hobeika piece without a logo, an emblem or a monogram. 

What message would you send to our readers?

We must start valuing and recognising the creativity and excellence of Arab brands. Buying products from Arab designers is important because they put as much love and hard work into their creations as any other brand. Unfortunately, their hard work often goes unnoticed because the media doesn’t spotlight them as much. We can make a difference by giving them the support and appreciation they truly deserve.