Shaving Tips For Sensitive Skin

Diana Bell-Heather   |   27-12-2018

If a post-shave rash and soreness is putting a damper on your mood, we have just the trick (s) to help make you feel polished and smooth by the years end.



dior men pre fall 2019

Dior Men Pre-Fall 2019


Beards might be having a revival this year, but those who prefer the fuzz free lifestyle can stumble on another problem – sensitive skin. Firstly, check your tools. If the razor is blunt or dirty, replace it as it has to be at its best condition to leave your skin scuff and stubble free. When choosing a razor, consider the type you need.


Two- or three-blade razors are ideal for straight hair types, and a single blade razor works well for curlier styles. Facial hair is also coarse so shave after a hot shower or use a hot towel for a few seconds to soften the stubble.


Then address your technique. Go smoothly and gently with the grain of your hairs, there is no need to push down on the skin to achieve the cleanest shave, especially if you already have step one covered. For best results, wash and exfoliate beforehand to clear your skin and open the pores which will make shaving feel less like sandpaper scrubbing against your chin.


Finally, the aftercare is crucial. There are countless of balms and oils that will sooth the skin leaving it feeling looked after and you ready to take on the day.