Beauty Secrets: Post-Summer Hair Repair

Diana Bell-Heather   |   22-08-2017

We all dream of sand, sun and sea, but our hair doesn’t.

The damage from salt and UV rays can cause hair to frizz, split and break. Solution to post-summer hair repair? Strong boost of moisture.

Look for products that don’t have sulphates or parabens and contain nourishing blends of oils and vitamins that keep in all the goodness and give your locks much needed TLC. Steer clear of any extra heat and allow your hair to dry naturally, or at least let it semi-dry before styling with heat-proof products to reduce further damage. Here are some of the best hairstyles to try this summer.

Top Pick: Luxurious Moisture Collection by SHOW Beauty, available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai, Bloomingdales – Dubai Mall.


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