Bvlgari Release Le Gemme Reali Fragrances

Diana Bell-Heather   |   11-03-2018

Bvlgari Le Gemme Reali Fragrances

Nylaia fragrance.


Bvlagri’s latest fragrances Le Gemme Reali are inspired by precious jewels and their scent is just as luxurious as you’d imagine.


Two years in the making, Bvlgari have enlisted one of the most famous perfumers to work on these creations, Alberto Morillas. Le Gemme Reali offers three rich Eaux de Parfums inspired by the most precious gems: sapphire blue for Nylaia, emerald green for Veridia, ruby red for Rubinia. Morillas drew inspiration from the opulent Byzantine Empire and three gemological wonders and used Byzantine Empress Theodora as his muse who was known for her beauty, intelligence, courage and ambition – a Bvlgari woman of her time.


Bvlgari Le Gemme Reali Fragrances

Veridia fragrance.


“It was a case of creating a strong emotion with a few words, such as in a poem. I wanted to express the intensity of their color – blue, green or red and recreate this apparent simplicity with excellent quality products,” says Morillas.


Nylaia pays tribute to the land of Kashmir, home of the most stunning sapphires and carries the scent of blue iris and absolute of jasmine sambac combined with ambergris and white musk accords. The Veridia play on contrasts between galbanum, vanilla and incense making it a deep yet vibrant fragrance. Rubinia was the hardest scent to get right and will probably appeal the most in the Middle East market as it carries notes of Sicilian mandarin enhanced by the strength and boldness of sandalwood and Tonka bean.


Bvlgari Le Gemme Reali Fragrances

Rubinia fragrance.


“For Rubinia, I imagined glowing sandalwood, immersed in an amber bath as if to calm, in vain, the ardor it provokes. The incandescent glow of Sicilian mandarin exalts the senses with sparkling freshness. Its enveloping heat is multiplied tenfold by notes of copaïba wood.  Tonka bean elevates the fragrance’s addictiveness to its height,” comments Morillas.


The delicate balance of ingredients make these scents complimentary for both men and women. Le Gemme Reali fragrance collection will be available in April.


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