Chanel‘s Latest Addition to the Red Camellia Collection

Fiona Lee   |   03-07-2022

For beauty ahead of time, Chanel creates two new additions to the Red Camellia collection, with a revitalising lotion and body serum mist.


As the House of Chanel takes a holistic approach to beauty, it paves the way for a new generation of products that are revitalising and eco-responsible. Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite flower is now at the heart of the N°1 DE CHANEL beauty line and through its latest scientific advances, it brings two new beauty products for the skin with the same rigorous standards as the rest of the line. The Red Camellia revitalising essence lotion and the revitalising body serum mist join the anti-ageing skincare and makeup products in this collection.



Red Camellia Revitalizing Essence Lotion

This new essence lotion has been formulated to provide a plum, illuminating effect on the skin, which revitalises and freshens. The texture, which has been enriched with camellia water, Petal-Clear Complex and niacinamide, becomes a water-like gel and perfectly glides over the skin, absorbing almost instantly. This lotion is lightweight so it won’t feel heavy or clog the pores and its hydrating effect keeps the skin feeling fresh all day long, visibly diminishes signs of ageing, reducing skin’s imperfections and restoring its youthful glow.




Red Camellia Revitalizing Body Serum-In-Mist

Some days we all need a little pick me up, something that will leave us feeling refreshed and revitalised during the day, well Chanel’s new body mist is sure to help you there. This new addition to the line nourishes, tones and protects the skin with its milk-textured mist that leaves a comforting and energised veil. Enriched with the signature camellia water and antioxidant properties, the fine mist can be applied to the body at any time of day, whenever you need that boost of freshness.



These products can now be found in Chanel beauty boutiques and online at: Chanel