Dior Celebrates Strong Women With its Latest Initiative

Lindsay Judge   |   09-03-2021

Dior invites passionate women to shine a light on their challenges with the #DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DIORCHINUP campaign.


A story that began quite fittingly on International Women’s Day on March 8th 2021, the campaign encourages women from around the world to reveal their strong voices. To mark the launch of the campaign some of the brand’s ambassadors share their thoughts in short films that celebrate femininity, courage and self-confidence.


Featuring in the star-studded line-up are Dior ambassadors Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron, alongside a number of influential women who all in their own way, have held their head high and stood up for what they believe in to make an impact on the world.


Natalie Portman


Thanks to the campaign Parfums Christian Dior also continues its partnership with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, Charlize’s foundation that supports a network of young people in Sub-Sahara African countries, to encourage them to protect their health and reveal their potential.


Dior has made a commitment to finance the university studies of the young people selected for the CTAOP youth leaders scholarship programme, in partnership with UCLA Center for world health, and Studytrust. this programme aims to provide higher education support for the “leaders” of tomorrow, who are more often than not, young women, praised for their involvement and their complete commitment to their local communities.


Scholarships will cover four year’s tuition fees as well as accommodation, food, books, computers and travel expenses, in addition to one-to-one tutoring, and a leadership training course for about 15 students.


For more, follow the #DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DIORCHINUP hashtags on social media.