Dry Shampoo: The Dos And Don’ts For A Flawless Finish

Hayley Kadrou   |   28-02-2019

Here’s how to effectively apply dry shampoo and get the best from the essential hair product.

Whether you live life on the go or you’re trying to cut back on weekly hair washes, dry shampoo is a beauty essential.

First released commercially in the 1940s – different takes on a dry shampoo have existed all over the world for several centuries – the hair product has seen a revival over the last decade.

But while many of us refer to dry shampoo as one of our beauty must-haves, not all of us are using the product most effectively or even correctly.

To ensure you’re left with tresses that are neither chalky nor greasy, here are our dos and don’ts to live by.

DO… Invest in a good product

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The market is oversaturated when it comes to dry shampoo nowadays, and deciphering which one(s) to buy can be tricky.

But our advice is to invest in a product with hair-boosting ingredients and that is tailored to your hair type rather than the store’s default option.

You can now buy dry shampoo for dry hair, to add volume, and for brunette, red or blonde hues and so on.

Some of our favourites include Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk which soothes hair, Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo especially for those with particularly greasy hair and MorroncalOil Dry Shampoo which comes in light and dark options and conditions tresses.

DON’T… Apply to hair in the morning

It might sound against the laws of nature, but applying dry shampoo to your roots the night before will actually yield greater results. And that’s down to the classic prevention not cure philosophy.

For those mornings when you know you’re going to be rushing out the door to that conference, or those evenings when you want your incredible blow dry to survive one more day, using the wonder-product before bed will help absorb grease as it develops overnight. When applied to already-greasy hair, it has to work harder to soak-up and disguise the shine.

DO… Blow dry out any excess

Whether you stick to your usual morning routine or switch up to applying dry shampoo overnight, one tip to avoid a powdery finish either way is to take a blow dryer to your hair.

At least ten minutes after spritzing it through, blast cold air over your head for ten seconds or so to blow out any excess.

You’ll be left with a more natural finish.

DON’T… Spray directly along your parting

Yes, this is where the grease you want to disguise might be most visible, but it’s also where your getting-ready cheat will be exposed.

Instead, lift sections and apply to the roots underneath. Team this with the above, and you can’t go wrong.

DO… Spray from a distance

Don’t let your scalp and your dry shampoo nozzle get too up-close and personal.

Spray at approximately ten inches away for a more even distribution.

Not only will this make for a more seamless finish, but it means your product will last longer, too.

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