Creed’s New Scent Captures The Essence of Winter

Lindsay Judge   |   07-02-2023

Luxury fragrance house Creed has revealed its latest scent Silver Mountain Water, inspired by the fresh crispness of fresh alpine air.


This fresh and revitalising Eau de Parfum captures the purity of cascading streams and the image of breathtaking mountain landscapes to create a fresh and alluring fragrance.



The unisex Eau de Parfum is composed of natural essences and Hesperides, complemented by a woody base and tea notes. Hints of blackcurrant give depth to the scent while its menthol finish is reminiscent of snow-capped mountains.


The new fragrance is supported by an eye-catching campaign, capturing the crispness of the mountains with a series of surreal imagery. An imaginary landscape of icebergs highlights the key inspiration of this captivating scent.



Silver Mountain Water is now available in 50ml and 100ml bottles at Creed outlets globally.