Gucci’s New Fine Fragrance Collection Is Inspired By Alchemy

Diana Bell-Heather   |   09-01-2019

Alessandro Michele is expanding his Gucci universe with a new 14-strong fine fragrance collection in collaboration with master perfumer Alberto Morillas.


Gucci Alchemists Garden


Inspired by the philosophy of alchemy, The Alchemists Garden is created with the old art of fragrance making, for a collection of seven eaux de parfum, four perfumed oils, three acque profumate and a scented candle that combines musk, iris petals, and violet extract for a soft, powdery fragrance.


“The collection is created around the idea that some primary scents of perfumery, like the essences of the flowers, the green fragrance of plants, could be joined to specific places, and linked to certain memories,” said Michele in a statement.


Gucci Alchemists Garden


These natural ingredients encourage creative layering and the latest project delivers up to 48 different combinations, allowing you to find your own Gucci personality.


The apothecary theme extends into the design of the products with the vintage-looking bottles decorated with gold lettering and a quirky animal motif.


Gucci Alchemists Garden


Team a&e are particularly taken with perfumed oils that have the staying power for all-day freshness. The green toned bottles for the four oils from the collection are crafted from white lacquered glass, each celebrating a single note in modern compositions. ‘Fading Autumn’ has a fragrance of bois modern, ‘A Winter Melody’ features a note of cypress and ‘Moonlight Serenade’ evokes lavender.


Perfectly decadent.