The Newest Fragrances To Try For Summer 2021

Lindsay Judge   |   20-05-2021

As we approach the summer months what better time to invest in a new fragrance. With warmer climates, it’s important to choose a perfume that’s light and fresh on the skin. So we discover the newest fragrances on the market to try today.



  1. Etro White Magnolia



Etro’s new White Magnolia Eau de Parfum brings together the brightness of flowers blended with creamy tones of musk and the enveloping warmth of boiseé notes. Created in collaboration with maître parfumeur Olivier Cresp (Firmenich), the new fragrance celebrates springtime by unveiling a precious balance between natural raw materials extracted in full respect for the environment and man, and refined molecules derived from the most advanced scientific research. Calabrian bergamot evokes the Mediterranean’s atmosphere with the sparkling vivacity of freshly picked citrus fruits, complimented by the amber elegance of cedar wood.



At the heart of the fragrance, the fresh floral accord of magnolia interlaces with the luminous transparency of hellebore. White woods give brilliance and sensuality to the structure while the creaminess of musk releases a sweet and deep caress in the air. The unisex fragrance comes in a bottle decorated in the brand’s iconic Paisley print embossed on the bottle’s glass transparency and gold-finished cap. The White Magnolia Eau de Parfum is now available on and at The Dubai Mall boutique.


2. Dolce Rose



Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces Dolce Rose, the newest addition to the Dolce bouquet family. Bold, upbeat and sociable, the Dolce girl speaks her mind and brings her spontaneous feminine spirit to the streets and Dolce Rose captures this fun and happy attitude in a fragrance that’s both daring and lively. The first Eau de Toilette in the Dolce collection, Dolce Rose celebrates the most iconic of flowers – a symbol of love, beauty and femininity that is one of Dolce&Gabbana’s iconic patterns. The fragrance, crafted by perfumer Violaine Collas, is an addictive fruity floral, combining delicate rose absolute and crisp rose centifolia with soft musks and tangy redcurrants. Joyful and full of energy, Dolce Rose is a rose of exquisite allure.


3. Maison Lancôme Jasmin d’Eau and Rose Peonia.



The Maison Lancôme fragrance line is expanding this summer with two new editions; Jasmin d’Eau and Rose Peonia. The line which launched in 2019 was designed to explore the French way of life. The two new fragrances are dedicated to French-style gardens and the enchanting countryside. Taking inspiration from the famous water lilies in the Giverny gardens, Lancôme has chosen to focus on the aquatic flowers that adorn the places where land and water come together. Jasmin d’Eau epicts, as if with light strokes, a one-of-a-kind blossom comprised of the sensuality of jasmine Grandiflorum absolute paired with a fresh jasmine tea accord and a vibrant, modern note of “mineral” jasmine scent created specifically for Lancôme. Softened by white peach and plum blossom accords and enveloped in airy musks, this bouquet features a crystal-clear heart of water jasmine within an earthy framework made from the woodsy elegance accord of moss and patchouli.



Rose has been an icon at Lancôme since the beginning and the new Rose Peonia perfume combines rose with the freshness of raspberry paired with peony notes to create an unprecedented sense of fluidity. The soft, bright scent of rose is set off by the velvety and slightly fruity notes of musk and ambrette, which in turn are underpinned by a smooth and exceptional sandalwood essence. This elegant and comfortable skin scent is a love song dedicated to the naturally radiant femininity embodied by Lancôme.


4. Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom



Paco Rabanne’s latest fragrance Olympéa Blossom is a floral and fresh scent designed for a radiant and confident woman. When worn on the skin, its scent bouquet finds the perfect balance between the subtle freshness of rose petals and the fruity accord of sparkling blackcurrant and frosted pear.



The Olympéa Blossom perfume will leave behind its iconic sweet and delicate scent, it is an instantly recognizable romantic and modern fragrance. The fragrance starts with a peppery burst of fresh rose petals combined with blackcurrant sorbet. Spicy notes and exquisite, ice-cold pear set off this floral punch. The sensuality of cashmeran is aroused by salty vanilla and patchouli, giving this accord a rich warmth and gentleness. A musky scent trail offers a long-lasting perfume on the skin.


5. Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet



The newest member of the Mon Guerlain family is the Mon Guerlain Sparkling Bouquet, inspired by sparkling joyfulness and modern femininity this scent reflect the aura of a radiant woman whose smile brightens the world. This jewel-like faceted fragrance reprises the intensely bright and fruity register found within Mon Guerlain’s essential ingredients: lavender, sambac jasmine, vanilla tahitensis and sandalwood.



Joyfully opening the composition is a magnified pear accord which sparkles like a mischievously irresistible smile. Fruity accents meanwhile melt into a contrasting floral heart within which the freshness of lavender brings nuance to bright and sunny jasmine accents. Next, vanilla’s delicious scent sets in, all furled with woody, creamy sandalwood notes which together weave a tender, sensual Oriental fragrance. The campaign for the fragrance is fronted by actress Angelina Jolie who is a long-time friend of the house and also embodies the DNA of this perfume.



6. KAYALI Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25



Mona Kattan’s fragrance brand KAYALI launches the sixth perfume in its collection this summer with the Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper | 25 Eau de Parfum Intense. This is the first intense fragrance in the collection and honors Mona’s fascination with the pink pepper note. The scene is warm, sweet and juicy, an addictive blend of floral, woody and fresh peppery accords that is easy to wear but absolutely unforgettable! Radiant Bergamot sparkles amongst the striking vibrant energy of Pink Pepper’s spiciness, a bright, fresh Royal Lily note and an addictive Saffron twist inspired by Mona’s Middle Eastern Heritage.



Voluptuous Bulgarian Rose intertwines with beautiful Rose Centifolia, creating an iconic floral signature note at the heart of the scent. Finally, notes of Vanilla Orchid wrap around the entire sensual bouquet, bringing a cozy warmth to a sensual base of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Sensual Musks and Golden Amber. This new intense formula has a generous concentration of 25% oil to ensure it is both powerfully long-lasting and deeply sensual.