Guerlain Launches Two New Intense Eau de Parfum Fragrances

Fiona Lee   |   13-06-2022

Guerlain is launching a new range of intense Eau de Parfum which will be available exclusively at Sephora in the Midldle East.


Guerlain adds to its Aqua Allegoria line by offering two new scents this season inspired by its bee garden. The beauty brand has been producing fragrances for almost two centuries with one-of-a-kind expertise and believes that the finest fragrances can always be found in nature.


These two perfumes join the Aqua Allegoria collection opening a new chapter of more intense fragrances with deeper notes. Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer, has revisited two of the most iconic Aqua Allegoria in the collection: Mandarine Basilic and Rosa Rossa, increasing their volume and intensity.



Mandarine Basilic: This scent is inspired by the colour of the setting sun and features organic Italian mandarin essence. This fruit is infused with heat and a tangy dash of blackcurrant that accentuates the juicy side of the skin. In contrast, basil leaves have been added to further heighten the zesty mandarine tones.


Rosa Rossa: This reimagined rose scent has undergone a signature extracting and distilling process to unearth new fragrant components. Using fine fresh Bulgarian rose essence and a unique process, fruity peach notes and almond-toned facets are discovered from within, as a touch of pink pepper and blackcurrant are added to represent the flower’s thorns and bring a flush to the skin.



Guerlain’s passion for protecting the environment continues within this collection, this new Aqua Allegoria range has become the spearhead of Guerlain’s sustainable innovation approach. Each of the fragrances is composed of up to 95% natural origin ingredients and the bottles are made with 15% recycled glass, providing even more luxuriousness and desirability than ever before. Additionally, in a commitment to sustainability, each bottle is now easily refillable, designed to last.


These delicious fragrances will be exclusively available at Sephora from 1st July until October, further launching in other stores from November.