Hermès Beauty Launches Limited Edition Lipsticks

Lindsay Judge   |   29-10-2021

Hermès Beauty has unveiled three limited edition shades of its Rouge Hermès lipstick.


Rose Tamisé, Orange Brûlé & Rose Magenta are rich autumnal shades that will offer a bold long-lasting look this season.


Rose Tamisé is an atmospheric pink hue, as elusive and diaphanous as the evening mist or the shifting reflections of a rose on the surface of water, playing with light.

Rouge Hermes Edition Limitee AH 21 Rose Tamise © Studio des fleurs 2


Orange Brûlé is a smouldering, charismatic orange, like a harvest moon, a tawny glow in the depths of night. It shines out with contained yet powerful radiance.

Rouge Hermes Edition Limitee AH 21 Orange Brule © Studio des fleurs 2


Rose Magenta is a dense, intense, piercing pink, like a cry in the night. It envelops shadow in a fiery embrace, a star-spangled whirlwind of joy.

Rouge Hermes Edition Limitee AH 21 Rose Magenta © Studio des fleurs


The three limited edition lipsticks are encased in elegantly designed cases. Designed by Pierre Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty objects and creative director for Hermès shoes and jewellery, the three objects feature a palette transcended by a collision of colour.


Each lipstick is refillable and available at selected Hermès retail outlets around the world.