Hermès Beauty Unveils Hermèsistible Lip Oils

Fiona Lee   |   18-05-2022

Hermès beauty unveils its latest sensory experience with a collection of lip oils infused with colour and fragrance.


Hermèsistible lip oils are the newest addition to the Hermès beauty line and feature a collection of six colourful, fruity options. Focused on the senses of sight, smell and taste, these oils provide a delectable, fresh and tasty touch, adding shine and hydration to the lips with its potion of delightful components.


The formula is composed of 97% natural ingredients that leave a protective, nourishing film on the lips, an emollient complex that maintains and boosts hydration and a high concentration of precious sandalwood, a true “liquid gold” that counterbalances the fruity notes.

These flavourful lip oils reveal a taste of colour; plump fruit picked in an orchard, freshly squeezed juice and the faintly acidic nectar of a sun-ripened pomegranate. Each taste shines through in vibrant colours that include sunny coral, spiced rosewood, light-filled beige, fresh pink, sparkling purple, and crisp red.


“Hermèsistible is the known unknown, an enchanting and reassuring surprise. Through these colour scents, I have sought to share memories and emotions, without regressing into the past. I have sought to combine intuitively the notion of extreme quality with pleasure, to express both joy and comfort.” Said Christine Nagel, director of creation and olfactory heritage for Hermès Parfums.



In a springlike awakening of the senses, these joyful oils give a deliciously selfish pleasure whilst leaving the lips feeling nourished, hydrated, protected, plumped and revitalised… everything we need to feel irresistibly Hermèsistible.


The Hermèsistible spring-summer 2022 collection is now available in selected Hermès retail outlets around the world.