Looking For A Facial Using Natural and Organic Beauty Products? Then Check Out Queens Beauty Lounge’s Offerings

Hayley Kadrou   |   14 - 10 - 2019

There are so many places in Dubai to head to if you’re after a skin-brightening or pore-declogging facial, but when it comes to organisations that utilise natural beauty products throughout the process, options are limited.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to sourcing our beauty products nowadays, and for more and more of us, that now focuses around finding gentle yet effective products that are free of harsh chemicals.


And for those of us who can’t get by without a regular or occasional facial to give our skin the extra treat it deserves, finding spas or salons that use natural and organic ingredients can be tricky.


But luckily, Queens Beauty Lounge – with locations along Dubai Marina and in JLT – does just this. As well as being able to pop in for a long-lasting manicure and pedicure or a fresh new hairstyle, the beauty salon also offers massages and facials.


With an ethos for natural beauty, it offers a range of treatments using skincare products from brands such as Shirley Conlon Organics and YonKa. The first is a Dubai-born line that is both chemical and cruelty-free. The second is a French skincare brand born in 1954 that creates skincare and body care products using natural resources.


Booking in for pamper day soon? Here are some of the best treatments to try alongside your blow-dry and mani/pedi for a head to toe pamper all in one place.



SCO Detox/Anti-pollution Facial

Whether due to your skin type or simply living in a busy city such as Dubai, our skin can often feel clogged and downtrodden thanks to environmental aggressors. If this sounds familiar, make sure you book in to try this detoxifying facial. The deep cleansing ritual helps to unclog pores and eliminate toxin build-up to smooth and give a youthful appearance to the skin. After cleansing your skin, the expert facialist will carry out a steam extraction, exfoliation, detoxification and a lymphatic massage using sea buckthorn blended with pure organic essential oils. Finally, a purifying face mask with stimulating mint to decongest pore and nourish the skin is applied.  60 minutes.


SCO Anti-Ageing Facial 

There are ways to tackle the signs of ageing without invasive procedures – and that’s skincare done right. This restorative facial calls upon intensely healing extracts to rejuvenate, tone, eliminate wrinkles and nourish the skin. As well as the nutrient-rich products, techniques applied include lymphatic drainage using a face-lifting blend of Argan, pumpkin, rose, ubiquinone and frankincense to increase blood supply and boost collagen production at a cellular level. Then, a purifying and hydrating rose petal mask and sodium hyaluronate are used to help brighten skin and soften fines lines and wrinkles. 60 minutes.



SCO Vitamin C Facial 

If you haven’t discovered the magic powers of a vitamin c serum when it comes to your beauty regime yet, you’re seriously missing out. The extract is known to even skin tone and brightens lacklustre complexions, so if that’s what you’re skin is craving right now this is defintely the treatment for you. The treatment uses the most stable and potent form of oil-soluble vitamin c combined with argan oil, orange and Omani frankincense. The results? Noticeably more even skin tone, a smooth complexion and a radiant finish. A good option if you suffer from pigmentation, too. 60 minutes.


Detox/Deep Tissue Massage

From work stresses seeping into our tissues to workouts leaving our muscles tight and sore, we all can benefit from a deep tissue massage now and again. Book in for this detoxifying deep tissue massage that is ideal to help ease stiff and painful spots while stimulating blood circulation. The massage includes regular oil, SCO oil or saffron oil which helps release tension and rejuvenate the body. 45-60 mins.


Slimming Massage with Sauna 

Enjoy the soothing benefits of a body massage with the added extra of a slimming effect. This body treatment is perfect to eliminate toxins from the body as well as excess fluid retention and cellulite. The massage uses regular oil or SCO oil followed by the use of the sauna facility. 45-60 mins.


Keep an eye out for the monthly offer and packages on offer at queensbeautylounge.com.