How To Find The Perfect Brow Style For Your Face Shape

Lindsay Judge   |   09-11-2018


eyebrows face shape

“I can’t emphasize enough on how important your eyebrows are in relation to the rest of your face. Your brows frame your face and they are also a great way to express yourself, with so many individual shapes and styles to choose from.” Says Menat El Abd, Regional Brow Artist at Benefit Cosmetics.


Benefit’s Brow bar brings over 40 years of experience in brow waxing and shaping. Their skilled teams offer full brow transformations, as well as clean-ups, re-shaping, brow mapping and brow tinting. Once visiting the Brow Bar for a clean-up you can work with your brow shape according to you mood. Using Benefit’s range of products it’s easy to adapt your brow style depending on the look you want to achieve. Benefit’s Regional Brow Artist Menat El Abd has your guide to the four key brow shapes as well as the products to maintain your chosen brow style at home.



This style is all about simulating texture. The feathered brow look is achieved by using two shades of a micro lining pencil, in this case, we use Precisely, My Brow Pencil. Which does a great job at mimicking thin hair strokes. Next, take the 24-Hr Brow Setter and gently brush the hair upward and out following the hairline for a feathery effect, this will hold your brows in place all day. Super simple and glamourous.



This is my personal favourite. This look is achieved by using products that will create a natural wash of color throughout the brow shape. Choose to use Goof Proof Brow Pencil; filling in the gaps and brushing the brows for a natural finish. In order to give the brow a believable volume and some dimension; finish by blending the brows with volumizing brow mascara Gimme Brow+.



This instantly gives you a youthful look, what I love about this shape is that it softens the look and makes your face look flawless. To achieve this youthful look, we start by creating a baseline along the brow bone to straighten out the brow with Ka-Brow Cream Gel. The thickness of your brow should remain the same from start to finish. My favorite trick is to then add subtle highlights throughout the brow to add dimension. To do this, brush the brows with 3D Browtones.


eyebrows face shape



The key to a contoured brow is a combination of a perfectly paired combination of two brow shades, like Brow Contour Pro pencil. With its different shades, it gives you the perfect dimension that your brows need. Fill in your brow with a lighter shade from the start to  the arch. Next use a darker shade from the arch to the end. Use a definer below the brow from start to end and above the brow from arch to end. Finally finish the look by applying highlighter underneath the arch of your brow.


Four beautiful brow styles that will guarantee you to leave the brow bar with the right shade and shape for your brows! The process is fast and easy and of course once you have your brows shape perfected you can maintain your brows at home with the BROWMAZING collection of products. Each product comes in a number of different shades to suit a vast range of skin tones and hair colours.


After waxing your beautiful brows, always remember to wait up to 3 weeks for your next appointment as it is super important to give time for your brows to grow. During those three weeks of waiting is to have BROWVO a Conditioning Primer Nutrient Rich Eyebrow Primer as part of your daily routine. This product does wonders! It helps to condition and prime the brows and what I love the most about it is its formula and soft applicator. The formula contains keratin and soy proteins and it has a soft applicator that helps to coat all the brow hairs! This primer helps the brows look fuller, thicker and healthier. You will definitely see results after 21 days.


eyebrows face shape


Benefit Brow Bars are located at various Sephora locations across the region.