Two Products To Perfectly Contoured Brows

Diana Bell-Heather   |   14-10-2018

A&E and Benefit Cosmetics have teamed up once again to bring you an easy step by step guide to flawlessly contouring your brows with the brand new Brow Contour Pro.



Do you remember those multi-colour pens you had at school? Benefit’s new concept is not too different and Menat El Abd, their regional brow artist, showcases how simple it is to use.


Brow Contour Pro benefit cosmetics dubai uae


The multi-tasking brow pencil features a lighter brow shade, deeper brow shade, edge definer and arch highlighter to create clean, shaped brows with depth and dimension and is available in five hues for a wide range of hair colours and skin tones.


Brow Contour Pro benefit cosmetics dubai uae

Menat El Abd.


To use, press down the lighter shade tab and twist until you see product and start filling in brow with it.  Next, fill in brow with deeper shade from arch to end before using the definer below brow from start to end, and above brow from arch to end. Don’t forget to blend with the Brow Blender and use the highlighter just underneath for further definition.


Everyday perfect brows and ideal for on the go application – we’re sold.