Your Ultimate Guide To Summer Night Brows

Diana Bell-Heather   |   18-07-2018

We at A&E love a perfectly groomed brow and the transformative effect it can have on your whole look.


benefit brows Menat El Abd

Menat El Abd.


During the hotter months, we look to anything that has a long staying power that can see us through office to sundowners.


Here Menat El Abd, Regional Brow Artist at Benefit Cosmetics, shares the ultimate beauty look that will see you glowing through the summer nights.


“It’s undeniable that the summer heat affects how our makeup looks, therefore, it’s best to use less products that help your make up last all night long. The best part about this look is that it will be so easy to achieve if you have the right products.”





After washing and drying your face, go ahead and grab the PORE-Fessional Primer and apply it on the T-zone. This is one of the key factors that will help your make up last all night. It helps setting in the make up and hides all the pores, giving you a flawless finish.


The next step is to apply ‘Hello Flawless!’ Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation with a brush and blend. What I love about this foundation is that it covers what you need and stays on for the longest.


For under the eyes, apply the Boi-ing Brightening Concealer for a good coverage and a brighten up look. This not only covers but it color corrects as well! It’s what I like to call my “2-in-1” concealer.


Since we’re going light with the make up this summer, we’re moving on to a summer-ready contour by using the Hoola Matt Bronzer and we’re going to use the brush and apply on the cheekbones and jawline to emphasize on your features.


For a summer “post-tanning” look, apply “GoGo Tint” on the cheeks and the lips to give your look a fresh rosy flush finish.

My favorite part of any make up look is definitely the…Glow! A touch of glow makes your whole look flawless. Grab your “High Beam” highlight and apply it along the cheekbones and blend. It’s formula and pigment will definitely add the sparkle that you need for a night out.





For a night out eye look, I always like to have the eyeshadow to last and not crease so I start priming the lids with “Stay, Don’t Stray” Eye Primer to set in the eyeshadow. This really brings out the eyeshadow color and sets it in place.


After setting the eyes, I went ahead and darkened the look by applying a bronzy brown eyeshadow on the lids. Later, I added just a hint of a light pink shade eyeshadow in the inner corners just to brighten up the eye.


Once we’re done with the eyes, we move on to the mascara. What better way to add drama to the eyes than to use Badgal BANG! Mascara. It adds the drama and the volume that you need for the eyes without making your lashes feel heavy. With it’s unique formula, you can add an extra coat without worrying about the lashes getting clumpy.





The goal for this look is to have brows that last all night look. First, you need to brush the brows as it is very important to tame them and to identify the gaps that need to be filled in later on.


After brushing the brows, take Goof Proof Brow Pencil and start applying on the brows by creating soft hair strokes. This technique fills in the gaps and guarantees you to have instantly fuller brows. Brushing the brows is so important after filling them in because they help to soften any harsh edges and gives you a natural finish.


Time to highlight them by using High Brow Pencil. This is one of my favorite steps because this pencil helps to identify the brow shape and defines it even more. Take the High Brow Pencil and apply it right under the brows. Once that’s done, you can just blend by using your finger.


To lock these brows in, as a final step, grab your 24-HR Brow Setter. This clear gel locks in the brow look for 24 hours. Helps to keep them in place and works amazing during the summer heat.




I paired up two products for that glossy finish. First, apply They’re Real! Double The Lip Lipstick in “Nude Scandal”. Second, apply a clear lip-gloss over the lips, this combo plumps up the lips and complements the overall look.


“There you have it, we’re done with the Summer Night Brows Look. Trust me, these steps will guarantee you a good time without worrying about your make up.”


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