Oud Essentiel By Guerlain: Perfumer Thierry Wasser Continues To Explore Middle East

Natalie Hanson   |   08 - 06 - 2017

Following on from Santal Royal and Ambre Éternel, the perfumer continues to engage with the Middle East with Guerlain’s new fragrance; Oud Essential. Extremely precious, oud is known in Asia under several names; oud is found in clouds of incense and has the ability to enchant and enthral. This is why it is pure fragrance gold in the Orient and is still regarded as one of the favoured ingredients in perfumery in the Middle East.

With Oud Essentiel, Thierry Wasser, master perfumer at Guerlain, is celebrating oriental perfumery, from Oman to Vietnam, through India, Laos and Cambodia.

This Oud is distinguished by its freshness; it is a rare a refined raw ingredient with a hint of spice that evokes the feeling of the red gold of the caravanserais.

A saffron note and geranium meet to compose the top note of this woody and leathery accord. Cedar and very green rose deeply combine, exuding an unprecedented fresh and warm fragrance. A sense of enchantment is then created by a leather note paired with the strength of gaiac wood. Finally, the smooth and dry amber accord reveals a precious facet of this fragrance, which is strong, sensual and sacred in one.

After amethyst for Ambre Éternel and black for Santal Royal, Oud Essentiel shines in a refined green bottle adorned with a luminous label reminiscent of the wooden lattices of the Middle East, set off with an elegant green and golden ribbon.