Pick Of The Week: Guerlain Abeille Royale Queen’s Treatment

Dana Mortada   |   24-04-2018

The latest Guerlain Abeille Royale Queen’s Treatment is an intensive Royal Jelly that targets the needs of tired skin for a truly revitalizing and fortifying result. The exclusive Guerlain Royal Jelly is compacted in small pearls which preserve its restorative power. This 7 day treatment will give an immediate fresh look  and luminous toned complexion.



Guerlain Scientific Research gave rise to an exclusive royal jelly, produced in Sologne as part of a dedicated channel that guarantees quality and unique efficacy. After four years’ in the works, Guerlain Research has given this “highly concentrated” of royal jelly version a key ingredient in the Abeille Royale Queen’s Treatment.


The Queen’s Treatment combines micro-beads reminiscent of golden caviar, where the precious beads are placed in a little bag using a spatula. Apply in morning and evening, simply pat it gently over the face to release the Royal Jelly directly onto the skin, its light and ultra-fresh texture is almost instantly absorbed by the skin. Also, if applied in combination with the Queen’s Treatment, Daily Repair Serum proves to be more effective on radiance and signs of tiredness.



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