Chanel Reveals Its Latest Skincare Product

Lindsay Judge   |   19-01-2023

Chanel is expanding its N°1 DE CHANEL collection with the new Rich Revitalizing Cream. This rich formula is enriched with camellia ceramides, produced through a process that is 100% natural and kinder to your skin as well as offering visible results.


Ceramides are lipids naturally found in the skin. They play a vital role in keeping it healthy and protecting it from external aggressors. Like natural cement, ceramides create a barrier for the epidermis that locks in moisture by preventing excessive water loss. Over time, they diminish in quantity and quality, a phenomenon that is exacerbated when the skin is exposed to cold weather. It dries out and develops redness. When skin loses moisture, wrinkles appear accentuated.



To combat this phenomenon, CHANEL has expanded the holistic and anti-ageing with an eco-responsible approach to beauty rituals associated with the N°1 DE CHANEL line. The Rich Revitalizing Cream formulated with red camellia is the new ally for combating signs of ageing and the harmful effects of cold weather with ease.



At the heart of N°1 DE CHANEL Rich Revitalizing Cream, the red camellia extract acts on the N°1 stage of skin ageing by boosting the vitality of skin cells. Visibly nourished, skin is protected from cold weather by camellia ceramides and a yeast extract—derived from the Pichia genus, found in the camellia microbiota—which works together to strengthen its barrier function, and camellia oil, which helps keep skin hydrated.