Discover the Latest Chapter in Guerlain’s Skincare Story

Lindsay Judge   |   02-08-2022

Guerlain is continuing the story of its Abeille Royale line with the new Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum.


This new double formula with advanced efficacy concentrates Guerlain research’s latest technological innovations on skin’s youthfulness. It combines two Renew and Repair formulas made from 96% naturally derived ingredients and promises repaired, renewed and younger-looking skin.



In 2021 Guerlain launched its Beelab: a research platform dedicated to the bee, bee products and skin repair, led by internationally renowned researchers. By deciphering each honey’s secrets of efficacy, they were thus able to create unprecedented blends with increasingly effective repairing powers. This year that research is being put to the test with the latest edition to the range.


Designed to pay homage to the perfect geometry of honeycombs in the hive, elegant and eco-friendly in equal measure, the bottle is composed of 20% recycled glass and inserted into a pack made of FSC1cardboard adjusted to reduce the packaging to the essential.



Now available at stores globally.