A Fashion Queen: 70 Years of Reigning Style

Fiona Lee   |   02-06-2022

As Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee approaches, we look back at her most iconic outfits from over the years and discover the brands and designers behind the Queen’s graceful royal style.


Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, surpassing Queen Victoria in 2015. She is known worldwide by millions, and people from around the globe tune in to hear her Christmas Day speeches, wave flags to welcome her on Commonwealth visits and take trips to see her home, Buckingham Palace, in London.


As Head of State to 14 other countries alongside the United Kingdom, it’s an all-important job making sure she looks her very best on every occasion. Whether it’s meeting His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the UAE, attending a Royal wedding or taking the Corgis out for a winter stroll in her boots, the Queen has always maintained her modest, elegant and regal fashion codes.


Visiting Abu Dhabi in 2010


Since first becoming Queen in 1952, her sense of style has developed and we see her more recently wearing brightly coloured two-piece outfits, perfectly paired with a matching hat. Each of her outfits is meticulously calculated to ensure that she stands out above the busy crowds and that she respects the country culture in which she is visiting.


Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday celebrations in 2016


One of the dressmakers in charge of these important fashion decisions is Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal style advisor, who is well-known to royal fans in her own right. Over the years they have become good friends and Angela has written two books on her experiences of dressing the Queen. She shares stories of how she finds the right materials for changing lights and how she ensures the Queen’s feet are comfortable in every pair of shoes.


Along with her dressmakers, Queen Elizabeth II has an official Crown Jeweller who designs all the royal jewellery, including tiaras, and a signature handbag supplier by the name of Launer, who has provided her with handbags and small leather goods since 1986.


Visiting the Launer factory in 1992


We can’t wait to see what the Queen wears for her special Jubilee this weekend, we are sure that it will continue royal traditions and be literally fit for a Queen.


From coronation ball gowns to lightweight floral dresses, diamonds, tiaras and jewels to wellies, headscarves and handbags, in celebration of this special occasion, below we remember some of Queen Elizabeth II’s most iconic looks from over the decades:


Queen Elizabeth’s wedding day to Prince Philip in 1947


Queen Elizabeth’s coronation on 2nd June, 1953



Visiting Canada in 1951



Attending Princess Margret’s wedding in 1960



Royal Ascot in 1973



Arriving in Sandringham for Christmas 2019


Visiting Royal Windsor Horse Show


A visit to RAF Valley in Holyhead on April 1, 2011


October 7, 2021, for the launch of the queen’s Baton Relay for Birmingham for the 2022 Commonwealth Games


Royal Ascot in 2016


Visiting Cheshire in 2014



Solemn Drumhead service at Royal Hospital Chelsea on June 28, 2014


Visiting the Defense, Science and Technology Laboratory on October 15th 2020