Adidas Collaborates with Dubai-based Ravi’s Restaurant

Fiona Lee   |   16-06-2022

Adidas launches the Superstar Ravi trainers as part of a collaborative project with the infamous Dubai-based restaurant.


Ravi’s restaurant, located in Al Satwa, is a favourite dining spot for many locals and ex-pats alike. This restaurant is famed for its delicious and traditional Pakistani cuisine and has now been celebrated by sportswear brand Adidas as part of a new project.


This inspiring project aims to celebrate community spirit created around the world in local restaurants. Restaurants have been recognised in 11 different cities globally and Ravi’s is named as one of these amazing locations.



Founder and owner of Ravi Chaudary Abdul Hameed said, “My family has worked so hard to bring Ravi to where it is now, it has become more than just a restaurant with staff and customers, it has become a home that many grew up with. To say that Ravi had a humble beginning and is now representing Dubai as a key city with Adidas is a milestone to celebrate”.


The sneakers titled ‘Superstar Ravi’ trainers reflect the white and green colours of the restaurant decor, and have details added that represent the restaurant. Ravi is spelt on the heel of the trainer in English on one foot and Arabic on the other, with the date that the restaurant was first opened, in 1978. In addition to this, six of the favourite recipes have been printed on the inside of the tongue.



A huge congratulations to Ravi, it is amazing to see this level of success here in the UAE.

These limited-edition trainers will be available at selected stores across Dubai and via the Adidas website from June 23rd.