Burberry Designs Face Masks With Its Classic Vintage Check

Lindsay Judge   |   20 - 08 - 2020

Burberry has designed a selection of face masks for wear during the global pandemic.


A portion of the sale from the face masks will be donated towards continued efforts to help communities who remain impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.


The design uses antimicrobial technology and comes in the classic vintage Burberry check print in beige and pale blue. The face masks are sustainably produced from revalued fabric that provides Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) and enhanced with antimicrobial technology.



Twenty per cent of revenue from the sale of every mask will go to the Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund operated by The Burberry Foundation, which continues to provide PPE, as well as assistance to food banks and healthcare charities globally. The Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund was established in April this year for employees and partners around the world to support local communities in need. To date, contributions have been made towards relief efforts in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.



Alongside the support from the foundation, earlier this year Burberry made donations to vaccine research, food bank charities and retooled its Castleford factory in Yorkshire, UK, to manufacture non-surgical gowns for medical and care workers, while also sourcing surgical masks through its global supply chain. So far, more than 160,000 pieces of PPE have been donated.


The face masks will be available exclusively online and more styles will be launching this autumn so stay tuned!