Carolina Herrera’s Wes Gordon Inspires Students At Istituto Marangoni Dubai

Emma Hodgson   |   30-10-2023

Fashion and design school Istituto Marangoni Dubai has become a key educational hub for young creatives in the region. 

Wes Gordon, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera recently visited the school, giving a talk on his career, along with everything fashion and creativity under the topic “From New York, to Dubai and Beyond”. 

Around 60 young talents attended the session with Gordon, who has been with the label since 2018 and has been growing and taking the helm of the company. He also spoke about the future of the fashion house and how he is continuing to uphold the legacy of the brand.

Istituto Marangoni has gone from strength to strength recently, offering stand-out talent at Graduate Fashion Week, which recently took place as part of  Dubai Fashion Week.

The Director of Education of Istituto Marangoni Dubai, Elena Marinoni also took part in a panel talk at Graduate Fashion Week on “The Future of Fashion is Digital”. During this talk, Elena discussed how technology is driving innovation in design, sustainability, and creative expression, with rising opportunities for young tech-savvy fashion professionals. Moreover, Director of Education of Istituto Marangoni London, Abdullah Abo Milhim, contributed to a panel talk entitled “How to embed sustainability into the fashion industry”.