Chopard Unveils Its First-Ever Haute Couture Collection In Cannes

Emma Hodgson   |   25-05-2023

Chopard’s boundary-pushing artistic director and co-president, Caroline Scheufele has announced a new era for the maison. Unveiled at an exclusive event held at the iconic Hotel Martinez as part of the Cannes Film Festival, Scheufele showcased the label’s first-ever couture collection.

Dubbed “Caroline’s Couture”, the capsule consisted of 50 unique silhouettes, which moved harmoniously between the house’s high jewellery aesthetic to the new haute couture collection.


According to a spokesperson for Chopard, the collection was designed so “that clothes and jewellery [could] shine individually while basking in each other’s glow.”


Similar to the brand’s ethos of building jewellery which will stand the test of time, so too the label’s new haute couture collection is built to be timeless.


“I wanted to create a collection for women who, like me, want to dress in a way that is fully aligned with who they are today”, explains Scheufele.

“Women in love with beauty – meaning true beauty, the kind that never goes out of fashion. Pure elegance. Clothes that can be cherished over time, worn in a variety of circumstances and in countless ways, without ever losing their value or relevance. A wardrobe is like a jewellery collection, which time makes more and more precious because they are accompanied by slices of life and carry with them experiences, memories and memorable moments. It is this approach to jewellery that I wanted to transpose to clothing,” she concluded.