Dior Presents the CD 1947 Capsule and Dior by Birkenstock

Fiona Lee   |   22-06-2022

Dior is unveiling a collaborative capsule collection, the CD 1947 and Dior by Birkenstock, celebrating nature and gardens in honour of Christian Dior himself.


Dior is unveiling an exclusive new men’s capsule, CD 1947, as Kim Jones bridges the gap between the past and the present. 1947 was the year of the first Dior show and this collection has been inspired by the founding couturier’s love of nature. These creations feature sportswear cuts and advanced materials, each designed with the outdoors in mind, merging with the elegance of Dior DNA.


The apparel on offer reflects the pastel tones of nature, with soft powder blues, greys and beiges cut into T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and Bermuda shorts. Across the line, ‘CD 1947’ is embroidered onto ready-to-wear labels as an essential symbol of the collection. Accessories are included in the capsule, including a belt, bandana, bags and sneakers, and a jewellery series completes the wardrobe.



In addition to the apparel and accessories, Dior has curated a limited-edition gardening ensemble, complete with a folding leather seat, a leather-clad shovel and a rake, each specially designed with the finest craftsmanship.



In a further collaboration, Dior calls on the German shoe brand, Birkenstock, to embrace its style and combine the designs of the shoes with the patterns of nature. For the Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 22-23 collection, the fashion house and Kim Jones pay tribute to Christina Dior’s passion and love of flowers. Although we know him as a passionate fashion designer, Christian Dior spent his childhood studying flowers in the rose garden of his family home with his mother.


Thankfully, there are flowers,” said Christian Dior. “I loved more than anything else to learn by heart the names and descriptions of flowers in the colour catalogs published by the vilmorin-andrieux house.” He said in his memoirs.



Joining forces with Birkenstock to honour the designer, the collaboration unveils new unique shoes, reinventing two of the brand’s iconic models, and embellishing them with delicate floral embroideries. Birkenstocks trademark shoes date back to as early as 1774, when the Birkenstock brothers set out to create orthopaedic footwear to support walking as nature intended. The two iconic designs that have been selected; are the Milano, a nature loves outdoor sandal, first launched in 1965 and the Tokio launched in 1987, a protective shoe for walking. The colour pallet of these shoes are in perfect unison with the CD capsule collection, bringing together a collection that truly honours the founder of the brand.



The CD 1947 capsule and Dior by Birkenstock are available to discover on Dior.com .