Giorgio Armani Presents the Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   23-06-2021

Giorgio Armani’s menswear Spring/Summer 2022 collection “Back Where It All Started” was presented with a physical show on Via Borgonuovo, the original home of the fashion house and the place where it all began.


The designer explores once again the idea of clothing that frees the body instead of constricting it, with fluid shapes and a style that moves away from formality and decisively embraces the informality of sportswear.



Reflecting the times that we are living in, Mr Armani recognises the need for comfort, wearability and versatility from clothing and this collection fits all of those needs.


The suit is revamped in its shapes, proposing the idea of coordinated top and bottom: an evening shirt with a stand-up collar or a denim jacket-like cut combined with trousers with darts made in the same pinstripe wool, or a gilet-jacket with Bermuda shorts.



There is a sense of lightness about each of the looks with a clear theme of elegant sportswear running through the collection. Weightless fabrics that move with the body represent freedom and expression.



The colour palette spans from soft blue to sandy hues and chalk white, with pops of red and green that recall the world of nature.


See more of the collection below: