Men’s Style: The New Ways To Wear Denim For Spring 2019

Hayley Kadrou   |   08-05-2019

What you knew about how, when and where to wear your favourite denim garments – from your slim fit jeans to laid-back denim shirt – has changed for this season. From Versace to Balmain, designers are presenting a fresh look at the fashion staple.



Even since Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss introduced the world to denim jeans in the 1870s, there was no looking back. In fact, in the century and then some since, the fashion garment has shaped and bleached into every style of jeans imaginable, and the fabric reformed into everything from shirts to dresses.


But how is denim being worn in the Spring of 2019?  See three new ways to wear denim for the season ahead below.


All The Denim


Head to toe denim, according to Balmain

Head to toe denim, according to Balmain


We did double Denim, but now we’ve broken that barrier, there seems to be no limits to the amount of denim you can work into one outfit. The likes of Balmain, Ami and Valentino opted for all-out denim on the SS19 runways.  The full-on look – especially for the season – works better on lighter denim, contrasting shades only slightly, and try to keep the tones to two. The simplest way to do it? A sleek denim-look shirt over slim-fit jeans.


Office Attire


Denim shirts are making their ways into men's work wardrobe for SS19

Denim shirts are making their ways into men’s work wardrobe for SS19



Dressed down Thursdays used to mean wearing your jeans to the office, but now denim is weaving its way into your regular workwear wardrobe. And the good thing about working it into your look this way over the warmer months if that it doesn’t actually have to be the thick fabric – denim look on thinner, lighter fabrics shall suffice. To keep it smart, ensure you button up, opted for darker shades and team with gentlemen’s shoes – sneakers are out.  Hugo Boss, Thom Sweeney and Ralph Lauren are all making credible options this season.


Dad Jeans 


Versace bring back dad jeans

Versace bring back dad jeans


After slim jeans became the only sophisticated way to wear denim throughout the noughties, mom jeans took over for the decade that preceded as nineties style saw a revival. So it’s about time that men’s fashion followed suit, as dad jeans are finally making their way back, as Versace and Balmain rocked the look on the runway. When styling the light wash, baggy fit trousers, team them with a white tee to play it safe.


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