A Contemporary Elegance

Lara Mansour   |   13-11-2016

Introducing the new Santoni collections, for him and for her.


The women’s fall collection takes the unique know how of the maison and taste for authentic and precious craftsmanship to heights of unrestrained virtuosity. Inspired by the unforgettable figure of Marlene Dietrich, a diva able to charm men as well as women, this collection outlines the image of an assertive femme who uses fashion as a way of telling her story, beyond time and trends.

High stiletto heels alternate with flat styles. Shapes are round or open-toe. Opulent pumps are filled with maxi-sequins imitating crocodile’s scales, and geometric indentations feature shoes of rigorous taste. The rigor of design seals several elements in an expression of quivering balance, completed by a faded palette of blacks, black & whites and antiques burgundies. From Santoni’s patina calfskin to crocodile leathers, the material selection is unmistakable.

For men, the new collection outlines a powerful ellipsis that binds tradition and innovation in an idea of style that is classic, rough, futuristic and modernist at the same time. It is a multifaceted elegance, conceived to travel in space and time. The aesthetic research sprung from a synthetic thought on basic technologies is a whole with the expression of a progressive craftsmanship. It’s a real and tangible manual skill interpreted with a neat twist.

Shapes are classic, archetypes of men’s repertoire, from lace-up Oxford shoes to double buckle ankle boots and the sneakers. The vintage appearance of luxury materials and futuristic compositions combines in new proportions that are the result of innovative techniques. The reductionist allure continues throughout the bags, matte python backpacks and professional briefcases of bare design. Chromatic tones, deep and timeless with an unmistakable Santoni imprinting range from burned brown, burgundy and tones of blue and grey. Materials are solid and precious, brushed calfskin, crocodile, Santoni patina, ostrich, matte python.