See the Men’s Spring-Summer 2022 Collection By Hermès

Lindsay Judge   |   29-06-2021

The Men’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection by Hermès represents freedom and the escapism we all need.


Relaxed materials, a muted colour palette and sport-inspired styles capture the essence of today’s modern man.



Created as a response to the need for a wider perspective and embracing the great outdoors, the collections pushes the boundaries and blurs the lines of tailoring and sportswear.



It is a reinvention of a wardrobe in which different fabrics are interwoven and where technical innovation is at the core, combined with a legacy of craftsmanship.



The materials for the collection were carefully selected for their uniqueness. Paper becomes fabric, Toilbright and a cotton cover fuse together, leather is enlivened with bursts of colour and stitching graphics. Overshirts, double jacket-cardigans, coats and parkas are all presented in two materials.



Casual lines are combined with a structured sophistication as they move from day to night.



A harmonious play on contrasts accentuates the colour palette. Celadon-green, algae, chocolate, and carbon hues blend with the softness of faded rose, stone-grey and raw-silk.

A bright, soft sweater, a daisy pattern and large Bermuda shorts embody this liberated relaxation.



Suffused with optimism and energy, this creative collection is bursting with the vitality of a world reclaimed.


See more of the collection below: