Christian Louboutin Reveals Middle East Exclusive Designs

Lindsay Judge   |   05-03-2023

Christian Louboutin’s Middle East Exclusive Ramadan campaign pays tribute to one of the most nostalgic elements of Ramadan: Fawazeer Ramadan.


The devoted Arab glamour of Fawazeer Ramadan (translates to riddles of Ramadan) captivated audiences at home, bringing together family and friends from the late 1970s onwards. This integral part of Ramadan culture is reignited through the design details and colours of the brand’s exclusive collection.



The design inspiration of the capsule is dictated by elements of Arab heritage and architecture, a tribute to Christian’s love for travel and the region.



The entire collection is developed around a strikingly exquisite shade called Grenat, a warm purple colour of spirituality and pure conscience. The intricate design is inspired by the Moucharabieh – an openwork partition, used in palaces, mosques and homes.



The capsule features the Me Dolly Strass for women and Louis Strass Moucharabieh for men, with each individual strass being applied by hand, one by one, a total of around six hours to be complete, a celebration of the Maison’s technical savoir-faire and craftsmanship. Iconic pieces including Hot Chick, Fun Louis Junior and Loubi54 clutch also get a festive makeover