Explore the New Fendi KAN U Bag That You’ll Want in Every Style

Hayley Kadrou   |   02 - 06 - 2019

Launching from Fendi this June is the new Kan U bag, and the unique structure and design are applied across a variety of sizes and shades to ensure there’s something for everyone this season.


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1 01_FENDI Kan U bag_Special Image


Finding the ideal bag to suit our own personal wants, needs and desires can be quite the task. If we’re after the perfect day-to-night accessory, for example, it firstly needs to be the right size – not too small that you have to forgo your daily essentials, but not so big that it requires its own chair during dinner with the girls.


The there’s the shade – bold enough so that’s you’re always making a fashion statement, but not something that won’t match the rest of your carefully curated wardrobe.


But Fendi’s new collection of handbags has solved all our accessories woes this season. Presented for the first time at during the Prefall 2019 Collection, the new KAN U design it paving the path as the new contemporary style of the Maison.


The structure is supple, with the stylish flap closure also serves to offer functionality, too. The KAN U bag comes in three different sizes  – The Large, The Regular and The Mini – and comes with an adjustable leather strap and a chain strap (both of which can be removed, too) to truly personalised to your own comfort.


As for hues and designs, the colour palette is vivacious and varied, offering shades such as brick red, inviting purple and high-shine black.  Of course, also recognisable by its FF logo metallic buckle.


See more from the collection above.


You can now shop the new Fendi KAN U bag

You can now shop the new Fendi KAN U bag


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