The Three Bags from Fendi’s Ramadan Edit We Need Now

Hayley Kadrou   |   09-05-2019

Fendi has released its Ramadan edit for 2019, and here are the three bags that we’re buying right now.


As far as handbags go, Fendi is kind of owning the high fashion scene right now. And it’s all down to their retro take on the accessories right now.


Earlier this year, the Italian fashion label brought back one of its classic designs: the baguette bag. Originally designed in 1997 by Silvia Venturini Fendi, it became an iconic design that was replicated far and wide. While it had fallen out of fashion in favour of oversized totes and handheld clutches, it’s finally seen a renaissance this spring.


And now the near-century-old designer has dropped a collection in time for Ramadan. The Asparagus, Montressor and Peekaboo collection are all here, and we’ve got our eye of one design from each edit.


The Asparagus Collection 

The Asparagus Collection, Fendi

The Asparagus Collection, Fendi


The name of the collection might make you think more or a side salad than a style staple, but one glance at the inviting hue should change your mind. Teamed with the sturdy gold chain and a chunky Fendi logo buckle, it makes for the ideal evening out accessories as you get ready for the next Iftar.



The Mon Tresor Collection


The Mon Tresor Collection, Fendi

The Montressor Collection, Fendi


Bucket bags – along with bucket hats – have made a comeback this season, and Fendi is championing the style. The one we’re lusting over? The petite gold leather drawstring design. With two detachable straps, you can choose how you want to wear the number, switching it up from day to night.


The Peekaboo Collection

The Peekaboo Collection, Fendi

The Peekaboo Collection, Fendi


As well as the eye-catching colour and print, it’s what’s inside this design that’s caught our attention. Its made with two compartments divided by a stiff partition, so you can keep work and play items divided.


Fendi is helping to bring back the bucket bag along with the baguette bag

Fendi is helping to bring back the bucket bag along with the baguette bag


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